great news! march flare came out (it’s february 7th but ok). they did a feature on me for this month’s issue. wilkosz & way took the photos in freezing calgary at the cusp of winter. we took a pretty in depth tour of calgary’s parkades but then ended up shooting at deville cafe in art central with some much needed mint tea. alicja wilkosz did the makeup. when flare first contacted me i didn’t really know who i was going to be working with so i was very excited to find out that it was one of my favorite teams. notice an important fact here. nowhere is there a mention of the address of my blog (!). since i can not exactly promote myself on my own blog it won’t do much to straighten out the mistake on here. regardless it’s a fantastic feature, a good photo and i am overall very grateful for the opportunity, and that’s what google is for anyway right… right?! i am still not packed for new york (leaving in exactly 12 hours) and i  feel like i still have so much to do before my mind even begins thinking of going away. rob, of course is not helping either. (what i’m wearing: asos hat, wilfred crop top, zara maxi skirt, aldo leopard booties, alexander wang rocco mini duffel bag and joe’s knitted grey & white sweater, both from holt renfrew)

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  1. Congrat’s on the feature Ania! You look fab!!!


  2. Justyna says:

    congrats! that’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Whooo! Congrats– that is amazing! Have a terrific time in NY!

  4. THIS IS HUGE!! Don’t worry about the blog address. Maybe if they put this feature online they can include it there instead. BIG Congrats girl!! See you soon xx

  5. Congrats Ania!! You are amazing. Can’t wait to see all your photos from fashion week.

  6. omg ania! i love this outfit! congrats on the feature babe!x

  7. Jennifer says:

    lovely feature! it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the IFB CON, we sat in the same row! you have an amazing site, its unique & inspirational, you indeed have great style! now following you everywhere 🙂 xo!

  8. Emily says:


    I love your bag, and I’m following 🙂


  9. Zoë says:

    congratulations, you look lovely!
    thanks for visiting me, you’re a total babe!

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