i got quite the looks this morning when i walked out of the office wearing an evening gown and a pair of stilts, which is what my black steve madden boots basically double as. good news is that days are actually getting longer (although the help is getting sparser) and soon i won’t have to run out in the middle of the day to take photos. i found this dress in the most unlikely of places. i love the colours, they kind of remind me of the emilio pucci pre-fall 2011 collection, ‘wasp-y bohemians, charlotte rampling meets stevie nicks’ ( to me it’s a great way to work the seasons coveted maxi skirts. i have yet to find an actual skirt that i love that won’t break the bank. i’ll definitely be on the lookout in new york. four days left. wearing my glasses for now to let my eyes rest before i wear contacts non-stop on my trip. (bellissima dress, wilfred blazer, steve madden boots, eye-q glasses)

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  1. i love this look SO MUCH with your glasses. so beautiful 🙂

  2. azamorska says:

    allee kieca boska!
    pozdrawiam aniu!

  3. jj says:

    you are great! I like your jacket and glasses:)

  4. riennahera says:

    Wielka klasa wśród szafiarskiej sieczki. Świetnie wyglądasz.

  5. Justyna says:

    other worldly beautiful!

  6. martiarti says:

    wow,niesamowita sukienka, dodaję do obserwowanych!

  7. you look so pretty in those glasses! haha i love getting looks like that. cool dress!

  8. Jennifer says:

    stunning dress!! beautiful is all i can say!

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