to keep this in some coherent chronological order here are the photos from our saturday shoot. kristin from hed kandi is working on launching her new website and in need of new images, we all got together for a creative (please note this credit to jason eng for takign fabulous photos that we all love and admire). alicja brought some adorable kittens and kristin some extensions. can i just say that after the last time trying to take photos with a cat i never thought we would attempt it again, but look at them, the fact they were just around was enough to make everyone’s day more pleasant and stress free. i am ashamed to say that i did kind of a poor job styling (bringing 2 bottoms for 4 tops. yikes! definitely wasn’t thinking) but the whole idea was more laid back anyways, so i don’t think the end product will suffer because of it. the concept was focused around hair (and makeup), in the end we did a ton of loose, fun shots, in fact some of my new favorites are in there (including the screaming polaroid in the first photo). and of course there is nothing like a big plate of cheesy nachos to end the night on a good note.

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  1. Phenomena says:

    i love those pic’s!

  2. Four tops and two bottoms definitely didn’t hinder this shoot. As I said above, INSANE, love it, one of my favorite posts of yours ever 🙂

  3. kayaretro says:

    łapka kocia mnie normalnie wzruszyła:))

  4. Great pic’s Ania! You look hawt!!


  5. jj says:

    fantastic !! all these pictures! I love your blog 🙂

  6. love it! you’re such a supermodel in the making!

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