can you believe this? i am sitting on the street. there is no snow left… that is until 10 minutes from now. early spring is gone again. blah! i am so sick of even considering weather as a conversation topic. instead i will focus all of my attention to the fact that in just a few days i will be heading to new york. it eluded me during christmas time and i thought i was going to have to wait until summer, and we all know how far away that feels. but it is official. i got permission from my boss today and i am planning 3 sweet days there already… ok maybe 2.5 but a mini vacation/anything to do with blogging is enough to put my mood in a whole different place. on top of this i pre-ordered the kate moss by mario testino book that i found is coming out in april as a paperback, at a fraction of the original $500 price. yatta!!! overall a pretty good day if i can say so myself. lots of work shaping up for the weekend. i will update you as the pictures start coming in. xoxo (anarchy street top, la senza bra, zara jeans, vintage cowboy boots)

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  1. Lema says:

    Super koszula, ładny zestaw

  2. azamorska says:

    klimatyczne zdjęcia, ciekawy zestaw!

  3. that blouse looks awesome on you! i like it with those light jeans

  4. Justyna says:

    you take the most perfect pictures!

  5. gaaah. yes, we all thought it was over!!! i actually thought that u weren’t in calgary!!!

  6. so so jealous about New York!! I can;t wait to see some pics, I’ve never been. Love the cowboy boots!


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