megan zee and i go way back. now, this is not to say that we are super close friends but somehow our paths inevitably always cross. we first met when she worked at my agency, she got to meet and know a lot of my friends, maybe, in a subconscious (or entirely conscious, depending on who you ask) way, these were her first steps into the fashion world. we both took business at the university of calgary (which, i can neither confirm nor deny, we both loathed) of course i also never missed her on my frequent visits to aritzia, where she worked at the time. we have developed an unspoken respect and love for each other. now she is the founder and owner of her own company, stellar hoods, our paths continue crossing, and more than ever, we both find ourselves in the middle of a frustrating battle to keep the fashion industry in our city growing. at any rate i thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate on something together. because i write my blog and because she makes perfectly amazing snoods, and we never see the end of winter i thought i’d introduce you to miss megan zee… 
q: how did you first come up with the idea for your line?
a: it was actually inspired by a scarf piece that my mom used to wear. the skeleton of the piece was quite similar, i just put a modern twist on it! i first started making them with basic materials and colors trying to keep it casual. this season i’ll be playing with new materials and new colors so you can dress them up or down and wear it with everything in your closet!
q: did you ever think your business would take off the way it did?
a: my only formal training was sewing in grade 8. the rest was pretty much experimenting and self-taught. my first hood scarf that i made was really just me playing around….but i’m glad that it’s turned into what it is today, because i love doing it!
q: how did an education in business help you with developing and running your company?
a: i think business school combined with working in, and managing an established retail store helped me  build the backbone knowledge that holds a business together. it’s not just about making and selling the hoods, but it’s a bunch of puzzle pieces that you put together. i definitely had to do a lot of learning along the way, and i still am! i’m just trying to do the best i can and see where it goes!
q: what are your influences/inspirations for your snoods? 
a: i like to turn to runways and magazines. since stellar hoods are accessories, they need to match the rest of the outfits that people will be wearing. i try to base my designs on something that’ll easily fit with upcoming colors and trends.
q: what goes into designing the snoods? 
a: i like to test new colours and fabrics each season and see what people like. i really look for feedback. i have a few styles that always do well, so i’ll keep those around because i know people love them, but i like having variation mixed in there too.
q: has your work in retail help with creating the line?
a: definitely. i started working in retail during my early teens,  i really learned how quick fashion changes and how important it is to listen to your customers so you can create pieces that people will like. but it also taught me that style is a very individual perspective and that there is no right or wrong. that’s why i try to create hoods that are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits no matter what kind of style you have.
q: tell me about the customize option.
a: offering custom hoods is letting people have a say in what their hoods look like. this way, they get a hood that’s perfect for them, and usually one of a kind! generally i just get color requests, but recently i got a request from someone who was allergic to UV-rays. i created a hood that had a detachable front veil that shielded her face from the rays. i’m always open to trying new things. custom requests are also a good place to get new ideas for new colors or design changes!
q: what can we look forward to with stellar hoods?
a: we’ve got tons of exciting things coming up! spring style hoods, artist collaborations and charity partnerships. most current are the new spring hoods that will be available in just a few weeks. we’ve got amazing new neutral yet lush colours and fabrics that will be perfect with all the upcoming spring trends. we didn’t forget about the boys either! find our facebook page for regular updates, contests and giveaways!
just for my readers megan is offering 20% off your entire purchase online with the code: ANIABISAWESOME (expires february 6, 2011)

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