this post is about two months too late. my brother approached me quite some time ago telling me about this artist he read about in the guardian, janelle monae and she’s worth checking out. i even bought her cd, which was just kind of ok in my opinion, although the reviews raved about it and what a mix of genres it is. maybe that’s what was off for me. i guess to each his own. i did love two of her songs though, tightrope (above) and cold war. i love her style and especially the style of this video, very old school james brown, who i guess she lists as one of her influences. music for me always goes through cycles. i will be so into finding new music and discovering new artists and then i will go through a total dry spell, which i am in right now, although it might be coming to an end. there are a couple other artists whom i have been listening to lately that are sure going to make their own posts in the near future. love it or hate it, here is ‘tightrope’ for now. xoxo

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  1. Vejrubia says:

    Janelle Monae is amazing.

    I’m sad the CD was just OK for you πŸ™

    “Say You’ll Go” and “BaBopByeYa” are two of my most favourite songs – ever.

    I hope it grows on you!


  2. Ania B says:

    that’s also a possibility. some of my favourite cd’s were the kind where i had to listen to over and over to love πŸ˜›

  3. I love Monae, I mentioned her in one of my last posts…so perfect for a Sunday morning in my opinion…

  4. Aidan V. says:

    I like the one with Of Montreal too! tightrope kinda reminds me of ruby blue by rosin murphy (you should check it out)

  5. Ania B says:

    oh i love roisin murphy. tho overpowered was my favourite of her solo albums, moloko still takes the cake

  6. This girl was huge when I was in London this summer. They kept playing her on the tv music station in the hotel. Come to think of it, MTV Arabia played it too lol. I thought she was cute but also a little kitschy. This is coming from a girl who can listen to house lounge music for hours on end though so not sure if I qualify to judge any music genre haha πŸ™‚

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