we went to see ‘no strings attached’ with natalie portman and ashton kutcher yesterday. it was, as i may say so, just my kind of movie, i am a sucker for romantic (and teen) comedies, the girlier the movie the better. in fact i count ‘new york minute’ as one of my favourites. here i am freaking out about turning 25 but in reality i haven’t really grown up at all. judging from my brother’s development of maturity, i may just be meant to be a kid forever. anyways, looking at natalie portman in this movie and at how frail and tiny she was it reminded me of black swan. i wasn’t the hugest fan, it was neither scary enough for me, nor girlie enough so i was kind of on the fence, plus the whole open ending (did she die, did she not… i think it can be open to interpretation don’t you?), i will probably still buy it on dvd, for the costumes anyways (btw did you know rodarte is not getting official credit for the costumes because there weren’t a part of some guild or another, of course they have course corrected and now joined, but as the movie is coming closer to possibly receiving an oscar in this category, well i am sure the sisters are not too pleased… read more about it here). i saw these graphic art posters for the movie and i can’t stop thinking about them. i am waiting for my own poster from the movie to dry mount and hang on my wall (courtsey of the local theatre), unfortunately it is neither one of these beautiful art deco-esque pieces. i guess better then nothing at any rate. 

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  1. Brakuję mi opcji jak na FB: Lubię to!

  2. Wow these are really striking. Where did you find them? One of my assignments for typography was to redesign movie posters and my brilliant friend and artists chose to do Black Swan. They were incredible and I hope he posts them.

  3. Anna says:

    Im going to see that movie tomorrow. Im a sucker for those kind of movies as well, especially if they have ashton kutcher in them 🙂

    p.s The posters are amazing!! Especially the last one.

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