super quick update. took these photos while waiting for my tires to get changed… haha just kidding, i’m not actually THAT cool. just wanted to say that i am indeed still alive, just waiting for some free daylight time to fulfil my blogging responsibilities, which with my extraordinary planning skills shall be tomorrow. i have another very exciting giveaway coming up this weekend with miss caitlin power. always a huge fan. on another note, i am more proud of this alexander wang sweater i got on discount at the outnet than i was of achieving honour roll in high school (yes i was very proud of myself in those days… university changed all that). (alexander wang sweater, gap belt, zara skirt and boots)

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  1. Panna Lola says:

    bardzo podoba mi się to cale połączenie.

  2. hahah that would be so funny if you were getting your tired changed. that sweater is so awesome!!! well done on the honour roll (:

  3. Everyone should do this when there waiting for a tire change! haha I really like the belt!


  4. Ania B says:

    the weather was ok. it actually warmed up in the last couple of days (jumped above zero anyway, which is a great acheievement) so i took the opportunity to take some outside photos. i seriousely can’t wait for 1. daylight savings and 2. winter to be over 🙂

  5. this is SO beautiful! so well shot!

  6. Bardzo podoba mi się Twój blog 🙂
    Preferujesz bardzo ciekawy styl.

  7. kayaretro says:

    bluzka boska..uwielbiam

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