my weekend in a nut shell was spent driving around, running errands. i had a meeting with the beautiful kara from park and talked about the upcoming events around calgary. she got me quite excited about the potential that we have to grow in the small fashion industry here. the frustration of course being that nothing is happening fast enough, this being noticed not only by us but i am sure by everyone who partakes in the events surrounding the calgary fashion scene. i have been thinking about this all weekend and decided that unless everyone participates then nothing will ever change. even trying to promote my blog within the city i have met with numerous obstacles and the realization that nobody wants to help each other out, instead everyone is competing with one another. quite the fruitless way of trying to prove to the rest of canada that calgary isn’t far behind cities like toronto or montreal. and especially for a place with so much money it’s a crying shame and the reality that we continuously lose great talent thanks to those road blocks we ourselves create. hopefully we will see everyone on a united front sooner rather than later (fingers crossed kids). on a side note i went to costco and found this amazing collection of where’s waldo books. sure i remember flipping through them when i was a kid, but what drew me to it was far from nostalgia. i actually think it’s super stylish, with it’s nautical stripes and all, very prada s/s 2011 don’t you think? i had my eye exam today, and with my slowly deteriorating vision and extremely dilated pupils i spent the rest of the day watching and most importantly judging the golden globes. i bet ricky gervais will never get a hosting gig in the states again. i personally every much enjoyed his jokes, it’s just a pitty nobody in the audience had sense enough to be able to make fun of themselves. truth hurts don’t it. pff hollywood, whatcha gonna do. (zara sweater and bag, steve madden shoes)

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  1. i love your shoes!!! and where’s waldo.XD

  2. jj says:

    great outfit, I like the sweater with skirt !!
    visit me 🙂

  3. miikax3 says:

    genialna buty :)))

  4. Leah says:

    Ania, it’s true, we need to support the local scene but I would hasten to add that the local scene needs to step it up big time. Just because something is happening doesn’t mean it is worth supporting!

  5. boots are amazing. tres amazing.!!!

  6. Ania B says:

    Leah I agree, but sometimes the local scene is met with inexperience or just plain lack of knowledge. I think that at least they deserve a push in the right direction. So that we can say we tried and maybe one day actually witness the changes around here.

  7. Ania B says:

    p.s i realize it’s easier said then done :'(

  8. Ania you honestly hit the nail RIGHT on the head with this post. The problem isn’t just the Calgary fashion scene but Canada’s fashion scene or art scene for that matter. This is exactly why I left. My program doesn’t even exist here. Canada is always looking outwards and never inwards for affirmation. Living in New York I realize it more and more. No one has a clue about Flare or FASHION, they don’t know Holts, or care that I’ve worked for a Canadian fashion designer who sells at SAKS. Canada is a blip on their radar and if it wants to be bigger it needs to start supporting the talent within. Maybe I’m ignorant, definitely easier said then done, but you’re a testimony to what this country has to offer <3 You have my support all the way.

  9. Elfena says:

    Buty robia wrazenie!

  10. Kara says:

    Hey Ania, fantastic post! Leah has a great point about how much the local scene needs to improve. I think the best thing to do is to go out and support quality events, run by experienced people or start hosting events yourself the way you think things should be done. If you set the bar high, hopefully people will take notes and push themselves to start doing things better. I think that’s the only way Calgary’s going to start moving in the right direction. Hopefully with quality, the Calgary fashion scene can grow and start to foster some of its talent without people finding that they need to leave the city to find fulfilling work.

  11. AgataP says:

    wow ,czadowe buty <3 dodaje blog do obserwowanych!
    zapraszam do siebie 😉

  12. I am in love with Ricky. My obsession has been going on for about 6 years now. Everyone just needs to loosen up a bit! I bet thats how you feel about the fashion industry down there. If everyone loosened up and worked together I could live one 2 hours from a fashion mecca!!


  13. I am doing my best to promote the local fashion scene with videos of events. I see some levels of cooperation but yes I agree there needs to be more for fashion to grow. There is a core of us at the photographer/blogger/ that cooperate on many levels.

    I have been to most of the events in Calgary and have seen some very cool things happening but many stop dead in their tracks. We need to have more events that are fashion FIRST and then party second. Too many events are a party with “fashion” thrown into them as an afterthought. Kara is amazing and I lvoe her work and dedication.

    Keep up the blogging and fashion support Ania – you are doing an amazing job! Anything you need just ask.

  14. sharon says:

    Your posts contain fashion news, and juicy industry gossip.

  15. Ojej, chyba kocham Twojego blogaska <3

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