like i mentioned already i ended up sacrificing my sunday evening to watch the golden globes. past the rachel zoe project, which by now is already cancelled, i have no interest in award season. for some reason i was actually interested in the show last night. maybe this is some kind of terrible prank old age is playing on me. four hours watching overpaid actors sit around drinking and celebrating one another’s climb to the top seems like the last thing i would actually want to witness, and seeing it on tv seems even more sad. either way i did end up tweeting about it and became very emotional over the waredrobe choices. the men, of course hardly ever excite me, the dress code there is preety much the same from year to year, i assume the main objective is to be dressed up and look somewhat presentable. hello flashback to first communion. i think the reason i was excited to see the golden globes this year was for the dresses more than the event itself (overseeig the fact i probably saw every movie nominated… thanks rob). i was so dissapointed! there was not one swoon worthy dress. maybe with the exception of olivia wilde’s marchesa (sequins AND tulle!!), but after she flashed her hideousely matched shoes i was kind of over it. julianne moore who i always admire wore lanvin, who i also always admire, but lo and behold the wrinkles (!!!!!) and the fact that it was also a preety disasterous gown (really? out of the entire lanvin collection this is all you could come up with? maybe they are saving their gems for the oscars?). i am still on the fence regaring natalie portman’s victor & rolf. i could love it, but i think all the jewels kind of took away from the whole effect, and the little detail that natalie portman is not the most graceful pregnant woman (sorry ladies, but i am not going to promote this idea that every pregnant woman is beautiful, unfortunately there are some of us who won’t be so lucky… knock on wood). i liked january jones, she has a great body and the red dress with her blonde hair looked stunning, but was it too much skin?… and halle berry looked like she was wearing lingere. after all this, the above are my three favorite dresses of the night. calvin klein killed! and leighton meester, when she walked out to present the award and held up her dress, well that’s how that dress should have looked like-short! is there a reason there are no shorter dresses at these events? i understand that the gown is the ideal choice but from looking at yesterdays red carpet it kind of looked like an upscale prom (which i suppose this is exactly the idea).

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  1. sorry,im just see ur comment today 8-(
    my name is KAI from thailand
    nice to meet you 😎

  2. bloo. says:

    strasznie podoba mi się ta w środku ;-))

  3. I LOVE Emma Stone’s dress.. she loos so gorgeous as a blonde

  4. 6roove says:

    Leighton wyglądała pięknie.

  5. Your commentary is absolutely hysterical. It’s so refreshing to read honesty. The bit about Julianne Moore LOL and yes I do think January Jones showed a little too much skin. We get, she’s got it, and I love her but her bust line was all sorts of WRONG.

  6. I loved Angelina Jolie in green and also Emma Stone looked nice.

  7. 3rd dress is gorgeous. love the shape of it!

  8. Becky-May says:

    i really didnt think much of the dress choices. I did like angelina’s gownt though 🙂

    The Flower Girl


  9. Ania B says:

    i thought angelina looked like she just stepped out of my grandmas closet. moth ball smell included lol

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