the things you learn everyday. my brother is currently visiting argentina… again . on a field trip to mamba (museo de arte moderno de buenos aires) he stumbled upon the works of marta minujin (and thanks to very fruitful lessons in black berry messenger he shares his new discoveries with me live). so i googled her and unfortunately for an artist, she has a very sad excuse of a website and the photo quality is therefore pathetic, nonetheless her work is quite great. more than her sculptures or paintings i was inspired by her so called ‘happenings’, which were a series of events as works of art themselves. i wish there was a documentary or some sort of motion editiorial (thanks tyra) to help me visualize this. she is native to argentina but she did relocate to new york at some point (circa the factory days) where she created an intalation called the ‘minuphone’ where patrons could walk inside of a telephone booth, dial a number and be surprised by colors projecting from the glass panels, sounds and seeing themselves on a tv screen in the floor (everyones’ 15 minutes of fame andy). this is just one of many of her psychadelic acts of rebelion. love them all. wiki her, she’s quite interesting. i always wished that the stupid school i went to offered history of pop art. too bad. that’s my 5 cents for today. xoxo

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  1. Anahit says:

    Cute blog!
    I have a blog too, I hope u’ll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  2. wow, that’s so cool! she seems like a really interesting artist

  3. Sorry your school never offered a class on the history of pop art . But there’s always self-teaching! The internet is indeed a beautiful thing.

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