top shop and asos released their spring lookbooks, and damn it, here i thought i was done shopping for a while, i never love spring as much as i love fall, except i do, everytime a new season comes (regardless of which it is) i get obsessed and excited about everything. so here we are again, snow forever lingers on the streets these days and i don’t even know when i will see sun come out of the clouds, but seeing these kimono inspired dresses and western themed outfits finished off with amazing cowboy boots, well drool is all i can come up with. i bought the new paris vogue collections and it seems it’s all sporty and angular. i especially am not looking forward to sandals (eeek toes!!) but i love that the chunky heel is still here, maybe not so much in the magazine but definately in the stores (hello! photo above), maybe next time i order a pair they will actually be big enough for me, note to self: always order sandals in a size larger than closed toe shoes. i feel like i should have known this already. learn from your mistakes. xoxo

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  1. it feels SO close! I swear spring is in the air (despite the january freeze)

  2. I loooove spring too – especially the sandals!! Too bad we’ve got winter until May LOL 🙁


  3. CHESCA says:

    Those shoes are must haves!!!!!! LOVE!!!!

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