i got these huge exercise looking plexi glass balls from the zara spring/summer window displays and they have been sitting in my dining room, taking up space and collecting dust forever. it was time to put these babies to some good use. of course they have now landed, after my brother’s genius suggestion on the balcony floor as ‘decorations’. i also have neglected (for good reasons) to post my new chanel bag. i have worked so hard to get it and it’s finally mine, and by work i mean nag rob to get it for me as a gift. it’s my combined anniversary/christmas present. even though i anticipated that i will eventually get it, rob did manage to surprise me with it, which was probably the best part. i have yet to take it out on the town, but until that happens here it is in all its glory. it’s probably the smallest thing i could get from the boutique but i will cherish it forever <3 my new years resolution will be to learn how to do more things with my hair, and even though you can’t really tell in these photos, i crimped mine just for the occasion. (forever 21 top and skirt, chanel bag)

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  1. Jestes bardzo ładna!

  2. Ha, nie ma to jak szczere wyznanie mężczyzny 😉 to prawda, a w dodatku masz na sobie piękne, pasujące do Twojej figury rzeczy 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    You are awesome for wearing this out in the snow, you look so beautiful! Love all the sparkle 🙂

  4. Love the pic’s Ania, you look amazing!!! Um and helllooo Chanel! Loves it!!


  5. Those balls are really cool! Love how they look in snow!


  6. That is such a beautiful top Ania!! Lovely photos.

  7. you got your bag! love it

  8. świetne zdjęcia i genialna bluzka

  9. niezła z Ciebie modelka;)

  10. kayaretro says:

    fantastyczne zdjęcia i co za torebka!!!

  11. so pretty! love your hair pulled back too!

  12. Super zdjęcia! I świetny top!

  13. jesteś piękna i wyglądasz olśniewająco! 🙂

  14. Love those pictures… they are so gorgeous!!!

  15. sweetest gift everrrrrrrrrr! happy new year ania! x

  16. nice set!
    arent you cold in that weather? hehe

  17. Amazing photo sense!

  18. Natalii says:

    kocham twoja torebke 🙂

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