finally the week i’ve been waiting for since my last vacation ended is here. and i find myself sleeping 20 hours a day, actually, i guess i’m catching up. the fact i now have two cats under my motherly wing doesn’t help either, when one is finished cuddling up beside me, the other one comes along. it’s beyond sweet and it makes me so happy but seriously, what have i become?! i try to squeeze in a trip to the gym here and there, of course staying away from the malls and doing my boxing week shopping online instead. do i ever have a fantastical package coming in the mail sometime soon, i can’t wait to show you. right now i am waiting out the post christmas shopping madness to get a chance to go back and return this halston dress. i walked by it everyday for a week (by default, i just so happened to be at the mall every single day…) and i loved the pattern, then i found out it was 40% off the already marked down price so i ended up paying $173 for a $600 dress – deal! BUT when i tried it on it was just kind of meh! it isn’t sawn very well, the zipper bunches up in weird places, which you can’t see because of the sleeve, thank goodness, but even with this super deal i can’t justify keeping it. ever since sarah jessica parker became the spokesperson for the brand i really took notice but i just can not make it work. one day, halston, we will rule the world together, until then i have a broken heel. oh yes! walking down the stupid stairs to take the photos i actually fell and broke my heel, on my brand new pair of highly sought after red boots. i cried, then i put myself together, took photos, cried some more, consulted google on the survival chances for my shoes and now i have to wait until tomorrow to find out. waaaaah! i am in torment. zara better be getting their versions sooner rather than later because red boots is all i want, especially now that it became out of reach once again. haunted by mixed emotions between pissed and upset, i probably won’t be able to sleep till i find out. (halston heritage dress, luxury rebel boots, h&m headband)

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  1. brrrrrrr, cold
    but great pictures .

  2. Ania B says:

    lol i don’t even know what the ground looks like anymore. sacrifices must be made πŸ™‚

  3. Aquamarine says:

    Podziwiam za odwagę i gorącą krew, ale opłaciło się – jest zjawiskowo!

  4. miikax3 says:

    WOW! Naprawdę piękne zdjęcia! πŸ™‚

  5. aż mi się zimno zrobiło!
    piękne zdjęcia!:)

  6. no-baa says:

    cudna sukienka, a to ostatnie zdjęcie to wygląda, jakby z Voguea wycięte πŸ˜‰

  7. that dress is so stunning on you! what a gorgeous outfit!

  8. The dress does looks beautiful! I hate when you fall in love with something only to get the meh feeling when you put it on! So disappointing!


  9. Amazing dress and I love the print. Too bad you have to return it, it’s almost a steal at that price.

  10. That dress lookes lovely on you. Too bad about the zipper and that is sooooo sad about your boots. πŸ™ I would have cried too.

  11. That dress is absolutely stunning! So are the photos πŸ™‚ Awww…I know what you mean about the cats, I’m taking care of an entire family of them πŸ™‚

  12. I love love loooove this dress Ania! And too bad about the boots, I would have been crying πŸ™


  13. ania!!! been looking at your old posts, missed so much! good looks! lets get together soon, lovey xx

  14. woooow i love those photos! beaaaaautiful, really!

  15. WOW kolejna zachwycająca sesja!

  16. Angela says:

    Loving your blog and the fact that you’re from Calgary! πŸ™‚
    Not sure if you’re a fan of Chiara Ferragni, but her line of shoes has a pair of red boots that has the potential of being divine.

  17. Zdjęcia i oczywiście ty są zachwycające!

    Pozdrawiam ciepło.

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