sometimes the most unlikely of outfits are those that everyone loves. i shot this one about two weeks ago when it started getting warmer but never got around to loving it that much, so it ended up sitting on my desktop for the longest time, then i loaded it up to lookbook and trendtation, weardrobe, and all the other outfit posting sites you can possibly think of. it turned out to do a lot better than many of the previous posts. on december 20th it got chosen as the look of the day on trendtation and today it was featured on a polish fashion site (for those of you who can read polish here is the direct link: yey for me! but i guess this just shows that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places, maybe that after looking at something long enough i can love it too, and  possibly accessorize (?)…  a lesson i refuse to accept. (h&m head scarf and shoes, robert rodriguez blazer, tallulah tanktop, zara pants and bag, cc skye leather chain bracelet, michael kors watch, assorted bangles, house of harlow 1960 rings)
sick of seeing red yet? speaking of which, i am really drawn to anything with red lately. not to say that red is the new black, because black will always and forever remain the new black for me, but the colour has something about it that makes it especially perfect for winter don’t you think.

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  1. Your look is amazing.
    I love your Zara bag!

  2. Uliss says:

    Anya you are soooo beautiful)
    Still wondering why you have only 200 readers, but not more)
    hugs and don’t be cold!!!

    Stacey from Ukraine

  3. Anonymous says:

    nie rozumiem ostatniego komenta, wychodzi na to, że tylko piękni ludzie mogą mieć dużą liczyć na popularność, szkoda, że tylko za urodę.

  4. Ania B says:

    No na pewno no nie o to jej chodzilo. No a jezeli nawet to dla mnie zaden komplement bo az tak obserwujacych duzo nie mam stalych. No ale juz nad tym pracuje. Swiatowa dominacja tuz za rogiem πŸ™‚ trzymajcie za mnie kciuki πŸ˜€

  5. Ania B says:

    Stacey, thank u for the sweet vote of confidence. I am working everyday to get more followers (such is the goal of any blog). But I believe a lot of my frequent readers (on top of my 264 followers) don’t have a google account and read my blog more sporadically. As long as they come back and are excited to read it I am very happy πŸ™‚

  6. so cool! love how you’re wearing that scarf! and congrats on all the recognition! muchly deserved!

  7. Congrats Ania! That’s so awesome that this outfit was featured. πŸ™‚

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