as the winter drags on and on in this arctic city i am getting more and more restless to wear summer clothes. last week i got a onesie, which i am now contemplating on returning because of the impracticality of the whole thing (by the time summer comes there will be a million other things i will want) and this weekend, like i told you in the last post, i went crazy at bcbg for their tutus (all on sale, surprise surprise, they were still there thanks to the monotony of this boring city) so today as i was cleaning the house for the arrival of our guest we took a break to take some fun photos. as excited as i was for the first snow fall and the different scenery i am now so sick of it, i actually enjoy taking photos inside.  i busted out my doc martens since i keep wearing my jeffrey campbell combat boots and slowly they are getting wrecked. i figured nothing can break these babies so here they are. my new winter boots as a break from uggs. i remember when i first wanted to get a pair it was impossible to find them and now somehow holt renfrew carries them. strange. such is life. (h&m fur hat, zara leather jacket and thigh high socks, bcbg tutu tank dress, dr. marten’s shoes)

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  1. Uliss says:

    Ania you look fantastic!
    I thought about buying Dr. Martens boots too this winter but change my mind last minute)

    Love your hat you look sooo cute in it)

    Stacey from

  2. Wyglądasz super!:) Dlaczego nie piszesz też notek po polsku?

  3. Brittany says:

    These are great photos and so pretty! Love your boots and your hat!

  4. Pela says:

    ojej genialna czapa ! <3333

  5. Lilylove says:

    bardzo! bardzo! mi się pdoba:)

  6. jj says:


  7. mamalgosia says:

    świetnie wyglądasz πŸ™‚ bardzo mi się podoba πŸ™‚

  8. Ana says:

    Me encantan el look, estás guapísima, las botas, con la falda, un acierto!!.

  9. LOVE YOUR STYLE!! Really amazing!!!!

    Follow in Trendtation too!! >:-D

  10. Leah says:

    They are slippery though! Be careful. They were made for England, not our tundra! xo

  11. Kejtt says:

    Jest naprawdę świetnie πŸ˜‰

  12. Super ! Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem! Co prawda może być troche zimnawo, ale ogólnie lubie taki styl – ciężkie buty, skórzana góra i … biała kiecka ala baletnica;) Ta biel czyni Cię niby taką niewinna;)

  13. Love the tutu Ania, it’s super cute!! And I agree, I’m getting so sick of the snow LOL!

  14. Luca says:

    Hé Ania!
    You look stunning in the snow!
    I hope you would like to visit my blog and maybe become a follower if you like.

    Start dreaming and falling in love on

  15. Annie says:

    You look amazing:’)
    I love your blog, think you’re great!
    Thanks for hosting such a fab blog!

  16. Serena P. says:

    You are so so beautiful!

  17. Jay says:

    I absolutely love these photos! You look so pretty! πŸ™‚

  18. A już rozumiem !:) Jestes super, masz genialny styl!

  19. Katariina says:

    Thank you.Yes it is card.I love these photos.So pretty!♥Happy Chrismast!:)

  20. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the perfect contrast.

  21. kayaretro says:

    super, tylko mi zimno jak na Ciebie patrzę:)))

  22. Slanelle says:


    I’m Slanelle, Fashion Editor at, an online fashion magazine with real people, like you! We just launched an open theme based on “tutu skirts” (, and I’d love you to send these pics, because you just look super stylish in this skirt!

    Hope you’ll post them πŸ™‚



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