congratulations to maeghan archibald for winning the bumble and bumble set from hedkandi. i am very excited to say she is the winner of my first giveaway. there will be many more to come. starting january 1, to kick off the new year, i have a special something from miss caitlin power to share with you so keep your eyes peeled. i can promise it will be worth the wait.

following you on both twitter and bloglovin and i couldnt be happier!
It is so good to find someone who is just as passionate about fashion as I am and from Calgary! 
Your blog is killer keep doing what your doing because this city has such potential and talent to grow a prestigious fashion scene and its people like you who give the rest of us fashionistas hope that one day we will be known for more than cowboys and rodeos. 
If anything I would say post more about fashion events in the city to promote the people and organizations that are trying to build a fashion culture
much love
Maeghan Archibald 

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