during my job at holts this weekend i walked by this newly released pair of ray ban outdoorsman road spirit sunglasses. in my dreams i am wearing them in all gold, although i am not actually sure whether or not they come in that color. they should don’t you think? in real life i probably won’t end up having them, sad reality. must prioritize.

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  1. I wanna this glasses 😉 they are so cute


  2. Gorgeous!The white pair looks really good with winter clothes as a contrast. Plus if it snows you cna match lol! XOXO

  3. I agree with you, they should come in gold, although they’re nice in black and white! By the way thank you very much for your comment, I think your blog is amazing and that you keep it fresh really well!

    clara ___

  4. m-kosar says:

    I love this glasses!!!! I want it!!! beautiful!

  5. omg ania! i love it!!! how much is it??

  6. Jing Pei says:

    Ooh those are pretty, unfortunately I feel like wearing giant sunglasses would make my face indistinguishable since I’m asian and then all my facial features would be hidden!

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