i am still here, promise. the last couple of days have been so busy, i haven’t even gotten around to making that collage i wanted to so badly. i’ve been sick on top of that with a mild cold, which has been hanging on and reminding me how cruel life can be. instead of putting me out for 3 days i’ve been fighting a semi-stuffy nose, can’t sleep past 4 continuous hours because it’s impossible to breathe and just generally feels pretty shitty, but not able to give in i have to at least try to fight it off. can’t call in sick to  my non-regular jobs after all. at least the blog is flexible, but then i feel guilty and as if i should be doing something. and i’m right… as always, i SHOULD be doing something. additionally to my present condition i got into a pretty serious verbal face off with the post office workers,  two factors play a role in my ongoing misfortunes with those women. one is that my id says my name is Anna, not Ania (i won’t even get into trying to explain this one), the second being my address, since i moved out of my parents place the address has changed by ONE number, since we live in the same complex, in the same apartment just a block over, my id still says my old address so when i receive a package i have to show proof of residence at the new address. sometimes they are not paying close attention and i get away with just showing my id, but when they are having an especially bad day (being nearly every day i assume), they give me so much grief i never get it at first try, this is also after countless hours waiting in the lineup for them to, at a snail speed, serve everyone ahead of me. the post office is, in a nutshell, not a place for impatience, hence not a place for me. yesterday those evil women made me run back and forth to my house three times before they gave me what i came for. by the third time i’ve had it and i gave them their well deserved, long time coming, piece of my mind. it was a triumphant day for my built up frustration (the insane traffic jams on the roads that day may have had something do do with it as well). after all this, however, i am proud to say that i am an owner of yet another lanvin for h&m creation… and the obsession continues… and i am so happy. today jade and i worked at holt renfrew promoting the sales of canada goose toques, of which proceeds go to saving polar bears (you can also get them monogramed… for those of you interested in the cause), the rest of the day i spent pulling and putting together beautiful clothes for a shoot tomorrow. when i finally got home in the late hours of the night, i found a surprise waiting for me on lee jones interviewed me for their blogger spotlight feature and it came out tonight. i might have conveniently been one of the first people to see it, and i swear i was not sitting by the computer refreshing the page every 5 minutes. unfortunately i was too busy… otherwise i would have most likely have done just that. i am very honoured to have been chosen for the spot and the feature and i hope you guys like it. you can read the full interview here

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  1. Świetne !!

  2. asha says:

    beautiful photos. your cat is gorgeous!

  3. Aniaaa!! I’m so thrilled for you. Wonderful interview with TFP. I feel like I’m watching this blog explode right before my eyes. My goodness, you have some amazing things to celebrate this New Years girl. Bravo…

    Meag xx

  4. Congrats! Wonderful article and great photos XOXO

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good job Ania!!!

  6. love your jewelry! & Congratulations!

  7. Angga says:

    You are so pretty!! been browsing through your blog, loving it
    consider me your new follower

  8. I so know how you fell about the mail lady!! I live in a little little town. Penny, our post lady knew everyone….then one day she retired!! Her replacement = the mail police. My mom took the mail keys on holidays once and even with proof on my ID saying my address she wouldn’t even give me just MY mail!! Ridiculous.


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