what better way to celebrate my first 200 followers then throwing on a party dress close to my heart and jumping in the tub… (?) i was so excited to see the number jump over 200 this morning that i had to post these right away. i was waiting for a special occasion to wear my lanvin by h&m and there is no better time than now. i know 200 is nothing in comparrison to many blogs out there but it is a stepping stone nonetheless. i want to extend a warm & loving thank you to all of my followers and readers who take time to come and check my blog on regular basis. i always love dressing up and now i have a reason to do it more often and have way more fun with it. i am excited to keep doing what i’m doing and finding new and different ways to better my blog, so if there is anything you want me to do or post please let me know (i know that a couple of you want me to include more music inspirations, which is what i am working on improving). so thanks again for fueling my love for fashion and inspiring me on daily basis. i’ve been getting sick in the last couple of days so i will just go and pass out now… or drink some hot tea with lemon and honey. <3 (lanvin x h&m dress and hair pins, zara boots, assorted bangles & necklaces)

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  1. Love the Lanvin for H&M dress — and the Zara booties top it all off!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Ah! Boskie foty! sukienkę Ci ukradne chyba 🙂

  3. Hurray! Great Job Ania. Love the dress too. 😉

  4. so unbelievably pretty!

  5. jj says:

    great pictures! and congrats to 200 followers 🙂

  6. Anne says:

    thanks for your comment! you’re so right about madonna!! congrats with your 200 followers, i’m very proud to be the 205th:) xx

  7. Oh, thank you very much for your comment. You are in Polish?

  8. Ania B says:

    born and raised in poland 🙂 living in canada at the moment. i miss poland very much. i always love going back to visit <3

  9. A pracujesz w Kanadzie ?
    Będziesz spędzała w Polsce Święta ? 🙂

  10. thaanks! 🙂 love this dress!!!

    follow you!


  11. Julia says:

    LOVE these pictures! 😀

  12. Ayse says:

    OMG, i love love your blog AND follow you now sweety.. Mhmmm.. maybe you follow me back? Lots of love <3

  13. Brittany says:

    great photo shoot, it should be in a magazine! Thanks for your comment pretty! and you have a new follower :))

  14. C. says:

    Wow, what an amazing photo styling job! And many congrats on hitting 200. I think I just made it 209. 🙂


  15. Wow! Love the dress! And I love the setting of the pictures! I like it! Keep up the good work! =D


  16. ophelia says:

    Nice job, gettin up there!

  17. It looks like that beautiful dress is attacking you!! What awesome pics and congrats on 200! I got excited for30! hehe.


  18. Jakarech says:

    YAY! A fellow Albertain blogger! We’re from Edmonton!!

    Which H&M did you happen to get your Lanvin dress from!?

    LOVE it!!

  19. Congrats! First time on your blog and I really love it! Great photo’s!

  20. I love the madonna inspired.. 🙂 very unique..
    thanks ania for dropping by and thanks for the comments.. 🙂 congratulations as well.. and since you mentioned you have 200 followers, right now, it’s 214 and you’re still counting.. keep it up girl!

  21. Verónica says:

    Thanks for your comment!

    I really love your photos, your blog is so good.
    I’ll follow you, follow my blog if you like (I’ll try to write it in english)


  22. rewelacyjna sesja!!! kolor sukienki cudowny!

  23. Eugenia G. says:

    I really, really thought that you were Madonna. But the real Maddona :OOO AWESOME!

  24. Big big HUGS Ania!! So happy for you. You deserve every follower you’ve acquired. Thanks for your amazing comments on my blog today. Truly made me smile. We are waiting to see if photos were taken at the party. Apparently they were hung from vintage hangers with clamps and spotlights. Someone drew Tyson Beckford and he recognized himself haha. So glad to hear you like anatomy drawings. I will post more in the future and see if I can get ahold of my classmates as well

    Meag xx

  25. Just saw me on your blog roll!! So beyond grateful!! Merci, merci, merci beautiful Ania!!

    Meag xx

  26. Nikki says:

    Woaaah, look at you being all amazing and pretty! Congratulations with the +200 followers, consider me as a new loyal reader. I think I’m your 220th, haha.

  27. Jenny says:

    Great photos, looks like a really fun shoot!

    Jenny @vpv

  28. almaa. says:

    I love it!
    Great pics and blog!

    hugs from Warsaw 🙂

  29. manuela says:

    congratulations for the 200 followers for you too, your blog is amazing, seriously! im following now

  30. Miss Larry says:

    thanks for your lovely comment 😀 I am now one of your followers
    I am actually going to make a Madonna inspired post soon too, so stay tuned 😛

  31. Great pictures! You look lovely! I fell in love with that Lanvin <3 H&M… with the whole collection actually :)!

  32. congrats, lovely!!!! nice seeing u last sunday! cant wait for the next time x

  33. These pictures are so amazing!! I love the red bright colour and the images of you in the bath tub is such a cool idea. 🙂
    Thanks for your comment and now I shall be following you!! xx 🙂

  34. melodykura says:

    hej dzięki wielkie za pozdrowienia ;)) czuję dumę i zaszczyt kiedy moje skromne małe personalwonderland’owe podwórko odwiedzają właściciele TAKICH blogów! Naturalnie zaraz znajduję i klikam w follow u i pozdrawiam z Polski

  35. wow.really love dress from lanvinxh&m!
    btw,congrat for reached to 200th follower.i just reached 100th.hehe:) night i use flash for photo.i think if i didnt use,the photos not so so clear! 🙂

    thanks for visited my blog!


  36. Amy says:

    What a gorgeous shoot! Wow! I’m totally blown away and I’m also your newest follower 😉
    Love love love!
    And congrats to your monumental number!

  37. Congrats on your 200, gorgeous. Lovely photos and dress, blog:) I’ll be your 230 follower. Xo Ari

  38. LOVE these pic’s Ania! The dress is sooo fabulous!!!


  39. Wow! Cool pictures! I once painted a self portrait of myself in the tub, fully clothed, but wet. It was kind of weird, involved no Lanvin, and was therefore not as awesome as these shots…oh well.

  40. Liliana says:

    You take awesome pics!
    Congrats for the 200 followers in your blog!

  41. that’s exciting! make that 200 something followers plus one! (: i really like your blog, and these bathtub pics are awesome

  42. Emily says:

    lust lust lusting these pics!! So much fun! LOVE your blog- now following you here, and on bloglovin’

  43. great pictures! you look amazing!

    p.s. be following you!


  44. This is GORGEOUS! Congrats on the 200 followers…I can see why people would follow, I know I am! Would love it if you followed me as well!

    xx – Lera

  45. AMAZING!


  46. my sister showed me ur blog and i love it! u r so beautiful. new follower! 🙂

  47. Very cool and funny 🙂

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