alys hale by adrian mesko, fernando frisoni fall 2011
last week i took some photos for a magazine feature that will be coming out in the new year and i was highly inspired by my too large cowboy boots. is it cliche that i am now all about the cowboy look, being from calgary and all? i like to think not. these images were too cool not to post, even if they are for fall 2011 (!!??)in other exciting news i got a haircut! don’t expect too dramatic of a change, but for me, after growing out my hair for YEARS this is a huge deal. you’ll see it all very soon.

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  1. fanni. says:

    thankyou so much ania! you’re the first person ever to comment on my blog! yaaay! really love yours too & wish I had the time to be a little more creative with mine, like you are!

  2. Wow great inspirations
    lovely blog, thankyou so much for your comment- made my day! 🙂 ♥
    im following you, i’d really love it if you followed me too x

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