before this website is featured on every possible blog out there i wanted to have a part in the word spreading. i contemplated not doing it but this is too good to pass up. seriousely this blog is AMAZING! paris versus new york, a tally of two cities is a collection of graphic illustrations comparing the way things are done in the said paris and new york. i love them not only for their great design but also because they are actually quite clever. i’m posting this particular illustration because of my ongoing infatuation with smoking (ie being sexy and mysterious-yes and very very bad for your life expectancy). anyways do go check it out, i know some of you will be totally into it. and don’t forget: 8 more days of the bumble & bumble GIVEAWAY left. click here to enter. xoxo

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  1. EnLamoi says:

    I’m glad that you like it. Actually, it’s very popular and I’ve just copied.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. kiwaczek2 says:

    aż zajrzę skoro zachwalasz

  4. Um in love…both with the cities themselves and the blog!! For the record, manicures in New York are just as fab as those in Paris lol. They also cost next to nothing which means there is no excuse not having one haha.

    Meag xx

  5. lisanne says:

    thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    hope you’re fine ๐Ÿ™‚
    love, lisanne

  6. I love this! Thanks for sharing it- this illustration is really clever. Haha- I know what you mean about smoking… I don’t smoke personally, but I always wish I did because there is something so dramatic and glam about waving around a cigarette as you talk, like some sort of Flapper diva or something ๐Ÿ˜›

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  7. thank for your comment! i like your blog too,

  8. itahl says:

    thanks dear for the comment and for visiting my page.. btw, cute blog.. followed you already…

  9. akko says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog is amazing!!

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