tomorrow is december 6th, st. nicholas’ day. in poland we celebrate by leaving a present underneath kids’ pillows in the morning (some parents also leave gifts lying around the house for the kids to find, something in the likes of an easter egg hunt, but with presents and christmas spirit). i have not celebrated st. nicks’ since we moved but i always happily reminisce. with december already here i was sure not to miss the advent calendar. this tradition on the other hand i was deprived of until i could afford it myself, for some reason my parents never wanted to buy me one (please note i bought mine for $1.05 at superstore this year), maybe it has something to do with chocolate and kids not being a great mix. either way, there is nothing more satisfying knowing that i can hold for a whole day until i open another window and eat that sweet chocolate surprise hiding on the other side. it also provides for something to take your mind off of the fact that christmas can not come fast enough. 18 days and counting… xoxo

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    Love the photo! love the cat! fugoy

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