here it finally is. i’ve been mentioning this book i received last week and the lack of natural light prevented me from taking photos of it (seems to be a daily issue for me. i leave for work in the am it’s dark, i come home it’s dark, and the office is hardly a desirable place to take photos of pretty things, with the vomit coloured carpets and all, but hey, they go with everything… or something :S). anyway it’s called the beautiful: illustrations for fashion and style (edited by anneke krull) and it features some of my favourite illustrators like laura laine, the home grown ben tour, who had his paintings hanging at a local bar (which i never had a chance to buy off of them :(, apparently i am not cool enough, i will get you back for this one day hi-fi) and the most recently discovered tara dougans (thanks to one of my blog readers). there is so many beautiful drawings that it’s really hard to chose my favourite.

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  1. Oh my, another delicious fashion illustration book I have yet, and most definitely need to buy!! I love that you appreciate this as much as I do. Awesome girl…

    Meag xx

  2. Illustrations look pretty nice !

  3. Beautiful book! I love the illustration on the second image.

    Thank you for sharing!

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