after a day of work, staring at boring files i came home to a newly delivered topshop package, sans my most anxiously awaited item, hence i’m not wearing the shoes i originally planned with this dress, *tear*. such is life. i couldn’t wait for warm weather so we paid a visit to the studio. everyone was in the middle of shooting but somehow we sneaked around not disturbing anyone (here’s to hoping) taking our own photos for the blog, while the much more glamorous courtney and nastasja were being forever captured by jason’s new, steroid induced, hasselblad camera. i thought no accessories were necessary with this outfit. i wouldn’t even know what to put with it, that wouldn’t hide in the shadows (figuratively and literally). i whipped my hair so many times that i eventually got so dizzy we had to leave because i started feeling really sick, so much for monday night love for me. as i go to bed really late… again, and can already predict the horribly exhausting day ahead, i want to remind you to enter the hedkandi, bumble & bumble giveaway. as the post keeps going down i did also post it on the sidebar for everyones’ viewing pleasure (and convenience). you can also click here to enter. xoxo (topshop shoes and dress)

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  1. Those shoes are fierce! I really love how you paired them with the feminine lace dress. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow. Fantastyczne foty i te koturny :D:D :*

  3. fierce shoes! also love that dress, it’s amazing!

  4. Love those shoes and the hair flipping!
    I’ll be checking back for your Fashion Illustration entry!

  5. Cee says:

    Stunning! I don’t know what shoes were supposed to go with this dress, but these ones are fabulous!

  6. kayaretro says:

    świetna ta ażurowa kiecka, no i te koturny….bosko

  7. Justyna says:

    stunning shoes!!!!!!!!

  8. Heloo! I’ll post more pictures of Europe, just follow? Ps: I like your your pics 😉 x

  9. Daria says:

    wow wow wow
    bede odwiedzac!


  10. Jodie says:

    ooh, i love behind-the-scenes photos! and those are amazing heels! xx

  11. annierama says:

    these shots are so damn amazing! I love hte shoes in the last shot!

  12. Nicolas A. says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I like your work too! These pictures are amazing.
    Hope to see you again on

    Nicolas A.

  13. AMAZING photo shoot, and these pictures are fabulous!


  14. meow says:

    dziękuję za komentarz, bardzo mi miło
    pozdrawiam ciepło mimo mrozu!

  15. gorgeous shoes!!!! I kinda gonna have to have it too! hahaha

  16. the shoes are totally gorgz!!! lovely blog and lovely style of yours!! def got a new follower! 😉


  17. This shoes are awesome! thansk for passing by… You have a great style and love the pictures in here. Following you now 😉


  18. applepie says:

    Love the shoes!

    good blog

  19. You look way to cool to be in Alberta! haha


  20. Jessica says:

    You’re beautiful ! I love shoes 🙂


  21. BEcatwalk says:

    love the shoes!!!!!! 🙂

  22. OMG!
    I love it
    your outfit is such amazing!
    Love love love

    you are so delicious!

  23. absolute great pictures – i love it ♥

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