apart from an occasional lipstick i usually do not ever buy makeup, i’ve collected stuff over the years that i still have (yes i know it’s probably all expired, i swear i at least try to update my mascara every six months), during my short stint in new york i lived with a girl who had a maybelline contract and she had boxes full of product around the apartment (clearly she wasn’t going to use any of that crap so i took some :D), but for all intents and purposes it’s sufficient enough, ok so maybe this is all an exaggeration but the point is that i’m not usually a fan of it, except the said lipstick, red to be specific. packaging on the other hand: i am a packaging whore, if it comes in a pretty box i must have it, so naturally when i found out that the marcel wanders collaboration (another thing i seem to be a fan of) with mac came out this morning, courtsey of the zoe report (ahem!) that was all i could think about all day. so before the mall could close for the night, with 5 minutes to spare, i was at the mac store, impatiently waiting for assistance. i chose two shades of lipstick: gesina & digna, because when in doubt always take both. the rest of the line is also very beautiful, they have a gorgeous makeup clutch, and the compact is tres chic, but who needs another compact and mascara when one can not even use up 1 in 10 years. oh my! the lipstick is the best investment. you can never have enough shades of red kicking around.  

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  1. DaisyLine says:

    red lipstick is my new love <3
    hope to see u in my blog 🙂
    DaisyLine from

  2. R. says:

    the packages are gorgeous! I loved your blog, gonna follow 🙂


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