what a week. i love being busy and this past couple of days has been filled with things to talk about. unfortunately the more busy things get the less opportunities i have to update the blog. on thursday we stood in the window of guess by marciano store in chinook, it was a wicked job, great clients and fun atmosphere, i even eyed a couple of things i would potentially want to get, which i never thought of just walking by the store. halfway thorough the job, however another first happened. a man came up to the window took off his belt and started unzipping his pants (!!!!!!!!!!!!), we screamed like little girls and ran out of there as fast as we possibly could, only to find him inside the store telling us it was a joke. YA RIGHT! perv! we couldn’t go back into the window, seeing him lurking around the corner waiting for us without security escorting the ‘gentleman’ out of the mall. it was a traumatic experience, even though hilarious and definitely story-i-will-be-telling-for-a-while worthy. my dad came just in time for my favorite outfit (super warm parka and sexy thigh high boots) to take some photos (my camera stashed away in my bag in the back, hence the not so great quality of the images) and got yelled at by the store managers in fear of being another flasher (no pun intended), everything was straightened out, my poor dad, not understanding a word they said, needed my help from behind the glass. today i stood another 3 hours at the bay for a gala event they put on every season, everyone was very impressed at my skill of standing still (i will never figure out how people can’t tell we are real, you’d think the skin tone would give it away). i even got a little present from mac at the end of the job from their tartan collection, which never happens. i’m off to bed now getting ready for another week, who knows what adventures it will bring. xoxo

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  1. MARTA says:

    I really enjoyed the surprise of seeing you in the window as I walked through Chinook 🙂

  2. hey ania 🙂 stumbled upon ur blog through ashley! i can’t wait for our bloggers meet!!!!

    i seriously thought you were a mannequin!!!

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