holt shit! i have never had experiences like i had yesterday in my life. i imagine, that when the world ends it will look something like h&m yesterday but on a bigger scale. i woke up at 3 am anxious for my trip, knowing from a friends text message from a previous night that there were lineups at stores already. my heart sank, i knew i probably will not get a chance to put my hands on beautiful lanvin dresses and things. i forgot about lanvin for a second to take a quick nap on the plane, then lanvin again, appeared in my head after jumping into a cab and explaining to the driver the woes i am facing, it’s safe to say he thought i was crazy. i found out before leaving home that the store opens at 8am, NOT 10 like the website said. i cursed the h&m staff right away for not wanting to tell me what day the collection will be in stores and dismissing me by turning me to the damned website. of course i was late, the lineups dissolved, all the wrists bands have been handed out. i initially thought 320 people wasn’t that much until i realized the sheer amount of items every single person was coming out with, there was a woman with a rolling rack containing every item x 2 (since that was the limit) and 5 bags of shoes!!!! what is the bitch going to do with all this you ask? fucking sell it on ebay for double the price preventing everyone else who showed up from owning the garments at set prices. vultures these people i tell you. i may have shed a tear or two in the process. it was not a wasted day however, i did manage to run into a group of the greatest people i met that day, who took pity on the fact i came all the way for some lanvin and didn’t let me leave empty handed. sarah had a wrist band, quite an early appointment, 9:20, she agreed to bring me out my two favorite pieces. i got what i came for. phew, the trouble, however is that after touching those beautiful dresses i wanted more (aaaaaaaaa!) the panic begun, nobody in the store gave a rat’s ass about the importance of my situation, so i hoped someone else will bring me out a dress, at least one more dress (!!!!) i met a girl from edmonton, hey, that’s homely, even if the two cities rival each other, when in vancouver we can talk about how mean everyone here is instead. she agreed to bring me out a dress, i reminded her even, she ignored me, running out of that room like a madwoman with bags full of clothes, it’s safe to say she got her edmontonian revenge at the expense of the desperate calgarian. this was not going to work for me, i had a huge bag with two beautiful dresses already, nobody was going to sympathize with me now. i had to wait till 1:00 when they would open the floor to everyone who did not have a wrist band. i saw the garments disappearing in front of my eyes, by the time the 12:40 group came in there was ONE rolling rack left, they took everything, whether it fit or not people just wanted to have a piece of lanvin. by 1:00 there was one jacket left. insulting! if i had listened to those assholes at the store who told me that i will get my chance at 1:00 i would have left in tears. throughout the mad 5 hours, people were taking clothes into the change rooms, trying them on and whatever they did not want they just left there, i tried the approach of taking the discarded items, and even begging the fitting room attendants that i spent so much money to come down here just for this, they couldn’t care less, the clothes had to go back downstairs. once i had my hands on the two dresses i couldn’t even try them on in front of the mirror, i got shooed away (!!!!) i officially have the biggest hate on the staff at that vancouver store. i hope that one day when they want something really really badly they will never be able to get it, i also wish them careers in retail for the rest of their lives, because that might just be the biggest punishment of all. my head throbbing, defeated and a little exhilarated, i am not going to lie, i bought some sweaters in the men’s section and ventured out for food. cafe crepe was my favorite place in the past, i found an express location and i sat down with a chicken, egg, swiss crepe only to discover that i might have gotten over it, that paired with the mess they had at the counter had me leave disappointed. for the rest of the day i wondered around the city taking photos, waiting for the time to go home. vancouver looks like a great city to explore and one day i wish i will have a chance to stay for longer than one day. for now, however, i will be plotting my plans for the next h&m collaboration, this time i will be first in line, i promised myself i will have the choice of all of the collection, not just one measly jacket nobody else wanted. next time, vancouver i’m coming back with a vengeance! 

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  1. Leah says:

    Next time we go together and show those bitches what’s what!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post B. Chinese people are a dime a dozen. Polish people are like a quarter for two:) That makes me like 35% off I think.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow it is like going to war! Fashion war that is. fugoy

  4. Anonymous says:

    hahaha I had a similar experience in San Francisco! I was on a trolly going up the hill, and my heart sank as I turned my head and saw H&M and the Lanvin Collection store front disappear into the distance. I came back later in the day and there was one rack left (luckily with a dress I liked in my size… thank goodness for the torrential down poor that prevented people from shopping!) However, there were still many beautiful pieces on the mannequins (which I was plotting to take off and buy)… I reached up to one of the dresses to see what the the fabric was like and nearly got slapped down by a this geeky, under fed, hipster. “DO NOT touch the clothing,” he said, “It’s already SOLD, you’re too late.” Ass. I think everyone forgot that day that, Lanvin or not, it was still H&M.

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