but seriousely. funnest night ever. there is nothing like a whole bunch of friends hanging out doing creative things and just being ridiculous all night, together with nearly passing out from wearing a waist belt as a bra (!!??). rob and shea joined us for the night and ended up goofing off most of the time, think the photos are random? but fun anyways right? RIGHT?! jeremy and his lovely wife came to do the hair and makeup, accesorized all the way down to salon chairs. i will soon be doing a hed kandi giveaway on the blog of some fantastic bumble and bumble product, just in time for christmas so make sure to check back soon. i am a day behind in posting due to the sudden snow fall (i.e. going to sleep just got a whole lot easier and getting up got a whole lot harder) it’s safe to say it’s officially winter, bye bye fall. until next year. trying not to get too worked up over this, but lanvin for h&m this saturday, wooo!

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  1. These photos are fabulous as always. What is this about hed kandi? As in the music hed kandi? So glad you liked my Disco In Repeat drawings. They are indeed mine. For better or worse all the artwork is lol.

    Meag xx

  2. Ania B says:

    hed kandi is a salon here in calgary, they are exclusive to bumble and bumble hair product, my favorite it smells so good and their packaging is amazing. they are gifting me some of this fabulous product to give away on my blog. it should be exciting.

  3. You look so amazing!


  4. The make up is amazing! LOVE it!

    check out our fashion illustrations at 🙂

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