i’ve been obsessively eating pomegranate since thursday. it’s so good and it makes for the perfect snack. 105 calories (as i’ve been telling everyone). sad part is its’ season is only from october to january so not that much time left, by the time it leaves stores i’m probably going to be so sick of it a year break will be in order anyway. it’s supposedly very good for your heart, so eat up kiddies. also if your going to peel it from its seeds i suggest doing it under water in a pot or a big bowl, and no, the amount of juice you lose is really not worth all of the f-ing around with the splatter etc. cheers. 

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  1. Aidan V. says:

    <3 I love Pomegranate!

  2. Leah says:

    Top tip Ania! xo!

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