these images from the new spanish moss vintage lookbook will make me dream of la tonight. 

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  1. C says:

    WIsh I could stay at the Beverly Hills hotel even if just for one night! The beach looks like heaven, perpetual summer…

  2. Dakota77 says:

    Pogoda w LA jest naprawde boska, za to ocean- lodowaty:).

  3. Ania B says:

    i went to la in february a couple of years ago and yes the ocean was freezing, but even at +10 we thought it was wonderfully warm (compared to -30 in Canada) so rob went for a swim anyways haha. silly boy he didn’t believe me it was going to be cold. i just love la. i go back as often as i can. haven’t been there since 2 summers ago 🙁

  4. Serena P. says:

    Your style and your pics are beautiful. I follow you, I’m so happy if you want follow me.

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