since i’ve been blonde i have not once washed my hair in just regular off-the shelf shampoo, i have also not once gone to sleep with a wet head, till yesterday, must remember never to do this ever again, it was so frizzy and uncontrollable the next day. i will probably never know the feeling of healthy hair again, but the upside is that it also doesn’t get grossly greasy as it did before. i guess i have to pick my battles when it comes to this. it was a good day to take out my favorite winter hat. it’s kind of worn out and needing replacement badly but i love it and until i find the same one i’m not switching. it’s just a chunky knit and actually keeps my head warm. i had frost on my windows yesterday morning. snow on monday… no comment. (h&m hat, zara coat, shirt and boots, aldo ring, urban outfitters jeans)

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    Kożuch jest rewelacyjny

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