i just realized today it was daylight savings time and not because at any time during the day i thought it was weird that it was actually an hour earlier than it should be but because when my computer displayed 5 o’clock and i looked out my window it was dark, not just dim, dark, as in all the lights outside were brightly illuminated, and i noticed for the first time that the crane across the street has christmas lights hanging up already (please note it’s november 9th). and then once again i realized i was not at all in the christmas spirit. i fear it might be a part of growing up (???) impossible, i know lots of grown up individuals who get excited about christmas. why not me. waaaaaah!!! maybe getting everything i want at all costs during the year will do that to you. something to consider when the greedy monster comes out to play. i also realized that it is just a matter of time before the trees are all bare and fall photos will no longer look ‘fall-like’ so i better start thinking up ideas for those winter jackets, all of which, needless to say are hardly even warm enough for this weather. my nose is already red. hmm… trust me you do not want to see me in my true winter attire, i wouldn’t even know how to begin making it look stylish. well it’s also safe to say i can no longer walk, and on top of that i learned today that i might have to give up any kind of beautiful shoes, because this pinky toe bone problem might be here to stay. perhaps bandaging my feet japanese style is the answer i seek. at least finding a faux fur, ribbed vest long enough to cover my bum can make me pretend like there is no problems in my life. joy. (zara fur vest, forever 21 maxi dress, zara boots)

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  1. Lee Jones says:

    I love your look! the fur vest and your hair pulled back is so good!

  2. Your vest is so so amazing!

    Just came across your blog!


  3. Goha says:

    genialna kamizelka!!!! no i stasznie podoba mi się twój łańcuszek, zawsze chciałam taki mieć ale nie mogłam dostać z moim imieniem więc wylądowała na mojej szyi świnka:) POZDRAWIAM

  4. pinkdog says:

    ciężko nie dodać Twojego bloga do obserwowanych, bo jest fantastyczny. Piękna modelka, stylizacje, zdjęcia. SUPER

  5. Justyna says:

    That is an amazing jacket! well freakin’ done!

  6. Love your blog!And this jacket are spectacular!
    If you want I ll very happy if you see my blog!…:) wait a comment!

    marialaura from Italy

  7. Hello Ania,

    Thank-you so so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! How long were you in Spain for? I read here that you were going to be doing a scrapbook from Spain and Morocco?! Would LOVE to see it. I absolutely adore your blog, you’re such a gem 🙂 Meag xx

  8. Świetny set!
    A ty śliczna!

  9. what a beautiful fur vest. looks great on you!

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