this weekend was supposed to be a quiet weekend, devoted to cleaning the house. somehow i ended up busy as usual. i guess when you put everything away for later, things start accumulating. i had to finally get my shit together for my agencies. lots of changes in the past couple of weeks so i have to make sure that all my material gets in their hands so that i can work. on friday i received my long awaited spanish moss package with the fringe kimono i ordered. i LOVE it. i can officially say i could wear this everyday. somehow i doubt it would be allowed at the office, i guess it will be my evening/weekend plan. we also saw megamind in imax 3d. it was a great, funny and cute story. is it wrong that now i have a crush on the will farrel voiced, blue skinned, bald alien? so wrong. i managed to end up in bed all day sunday, not because i had nothing to do, in fact i ended up canceling plans with two different groups of people because of some kind of weird case of vertigo. everything was spinning and i ended up face down for the whole day, so not exactly exciting, or relaxing :(. xoxo (spanish moss crushed velvet kimono, american apparel sexuali tank, urban outfitters shorts, zara motorcycle boots, asos hat)

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  1. Shalafi O. says:

    to mi się podoba, intryguje

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