yesterday i went to check out the new urban outfitters we finally got in calgary. it’s been long coming, it must have. it’s tiny. at first i thought it wasn’t a badly sized store until i realized that the entire store is the size of the women’s department of the one in edmonton. as much as i like urban outfitters, it was never worth traveling there just to go to the store. 1. a lot of the things are way overpriced and 2. they don’t exactly turn their inventory over all that fast. so for all intents and purposes what we got is good enough for me. maybe with the exception of the unbearably poignant smell of abercrombie and fitch next door. the mall extension hasn’t even been open for 2 full months and you can already smell the saturated cologne smell of that store before you even turn the corner. shame. i brought my purchases home and they were still reminiscent of that smell. urgh. i did end up finding a couple of things, all of which you are sure to see on here in a couple days time, but what was the highlight of my trip was the boys. and not in a boy crazy kind of way. i mean please there are ‘models’ just next door if that’s what you’re after. the boys working at urban outfitters were just cool. that’s the only word i can use to describe them. i never got their names, i was too nervous stalking them to take a photo (embarrassment beyond belief) but i just wanted to capture the moment. both quite different in their style (i don’t even have to take a photo of their outfits for you to imagine what they were wearing i’m sure) but they both towered over everyone else and caught my attention, and of course both acted very unfazed by my awkwardness. but i assure you my urban outfitters boys, i was not trying to hit on you. so thanks for the moment and see you around <3

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  1. vejrubia says:

    I’m glad you’re satisfied with the store, Ania! I work there (I’m Vernon, btw), and it is small, but I’m just happy we finally have one! The drought is finally over!!

    As for the guys, the blonde man is Jeff, and he’s the regional manager for some area in the US (he won’t be around for long). And the awesome, Australian, moustachioed man; he’s Cortney. He’s the mens department manager, and he’s also a DJ! Totally doesn’t look like someone you’d find in Calgary, huh?

  2. Ania B says:

    ahhh this is so great! i wasn;t expecting someone from the store to comment. i LOVE it. Next time I’m in I’ll come say hi ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the names, now i’m glad i took the photos, especially that they aren’t going to be around for long. phew! Cortney def does not look like he belongs here ๐Ÿ™‚ good for us though, we need more individuality like this in the city. wooo!

  3. Anonymous says:

    P.S. Vernon. Jeff is not a regional manager, he’s a store manager somewhere else, but I’m sure he’d be flattered.

  4. Maeghan Archibald says:

    ahahhah the store itself i think is great cause really its better then no urban outfitters at all right?

    AND THE BOYS OH MY GOD! haha best part of the store by far!
    So happy im not the only one who thought this! every time i go shopping at urban outfitters lets just say I’m shopping for more than just clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

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