after a hectic day of running around and returning items from the shoot, we took a couple of minutes to honor rainbow dry cleaners, which i pass everyday on my way to pick up rob from work. and even though their sign begs for a renovation, or at least a paint job i can’t help but love its’ vintage 70’s feel, added to the fact is of course the little detail of it being a drive through (at some point anyway), maybe i’m just sentimental, though i’m not sure how this would apply in this situation because i have never before nor do i now get my dry cleaning done there, or anywhere for that matter. even though we did make some returns not everything was taken back. i took this wonderful opportunity to keep a couple valuable items, such as knee high socks, a vest and this club monaco blouse. i’ve made the mistake of buying a shirt with this pattern from forever 21 before and i ended up throwing it out in europe, mainly to conserve space in my bag, which was busting at its’ seams, nevertheless i was not sad to see it go. i hope this one lasts, it definitely has the potential. i’ve also been trying out these ray ban knock off frames. i popped out the scratched and fogged lenses to see better and i kind of love them this way. nobody i’ve talked to understands this new obsession, they just think i’m crazy. maybe also a little cheap for not wanting to put real lenses in, but i can actually see all the way around with my contacts PLUS i get to wear these frames whenever i want, without fogging my vision so it’s really the best of both worlds. (club monaco b&w blouse, zara blazer, pants & shoes,  frames bought at venice beach)

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  1. Bardzo profesjonalnie wyglądasz! Świetne zdjęcia i zestaw!

  2. Justyna says:

    stunning outfit! love it!

  3. wow! Cudowne zdjęcia. Jestem zauroczona !

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