i was reading displaced bones today when i came across her interview with fashion illustrator, liselotte watkins. her drawings have been published in vogue (uk,usa, japan, italy), elle (usa, uk, france), glamour (usa, france), mademoiselle and ubersee. among her clients are mac cosmetics, barneys, victorias secret, sephora, max mara and anna sui (source: so she’s obviously working the dream job. the thing with fashion illustration is that it’s beautiful and so inspiring but what do you do with it? i am sure that the supply outweighs the demand when it comes to this one. much like with everything else that has to do with fashion i suppose. either way i’m printing these and hanging them in my house. <3
check out one of my other favorite fashion illutrators igor + andre

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  1. Hey Ania,

    Nice to see you shed some light on the issue of fashion illustration. I’m a fellow Canadian, living in New York, studying fashion illustration at FIT. The question of what to do with it has been discussed numerous times amongst my teachers and peers. I guess part of the answer is that no one is just a fashion illustrator anymore. You have to diversify. Moreover, so many illustrators are branding themselves. You find fashion illustrations on handbags, menus, coffee mugs, chairs, curtains, everything. The demand is there, its just not where you expect it to be. Meag xx

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