i was asked to style a creative for wilkosz and way. this weekend i ventured out to the stores to get some goodies and we spent a large part of sunday shooting. lovely reena was our model and alicja did the makeup. i’ve styled shoots for me and jason before but never for another model, so this was most definitely a good experience. not nearly as scary as i have made myself believe. nevertheless, i wanted to be ready with options, scissors, lint brushes, clips and beyond, all these things i’ve picked up over the years of standing in front of the camera. it was quite chilly outside, i was partly prepared for the fact that the model will probably have to freeze her tushy off but at the same time i know how it is to be in those shoes so the big furry jacob jacket i got proved to be quite helpful, so thanks jacob for this significant contribution. the returns commence tomorrow. the results coming soon… go team!

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  1. Justyna says:

    love your cropped leopard top! amazing!



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