yes, as usual i am too slow to take care of all the things i plan, so i just end up lounging around instead. in fact if it wasn’t for the bare trees i kind of felt very la this morning, with steve miller band playing on my ipod and the flowy fabric of the top, it all added to a little magical moment. after picking up some clothes for tomorrow’s shoot, we came back home and had big plans to go out and take some photos, especially in light of this wonderful day. but because i took forever preparing the bags for tomorrow’s shenanigans all you get today is a peak at this new kimono i got at the new forever 21 that opened in calgary yesterday. i nearly missed it too, not realizing it was already october 29th. next week we’re getting urban outfitters. i might want to re-evaluate going to stores right at opening, the line ups, and the people, too are just insane. the rest of today i am planning to relax and keep charlie long deserved company. no plans for halloween after all. i hope you all have a wonderful saturday. xoxo (lasenza bra, forever 21 kimono top)

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  1. I love these photos!
    Captured moments…

    Elaine Valerie

  2. Aidan V. says:

    you look really pissed off in that first one hehe. Urban outfitters is exciting! my friend and i are making a big order today so we can split the shipping 😀

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