i found my long overdue camel coat for the fall. just as it started to snow. it fits me like a big comfy bathrobe, i can’t get enough. i had a hard time trying to decide whether or not to purchase the faux fur stole. on one hand it’s tres chic, on another i did not love it at first sight. but sometimes you have to see it in action to believe it.  and so i saw it on courtney one day when we went for coffee. anything looks amazing on that girl, so i was immediately sold. lucky for me the rest of the city does not think along the same lines so there was plenty left in stock. this look, it seems, is highly inspired by vanessa’s stylings of the previous night. i also figured out a way to take photos in daylight-lunch time, who needs to eat after all, it’s a win win situation. with halloween approaching i am reminded more and more about how every year i’ve been wanting to dress up as karl lagerfeld (is that becoming a cliche halloween costume? i almost feel like it is) somehow i’m always too busy or too tired to participate. three whole days left. plenty of planning time. (zara camel coat, h&m faux fur stole, aldo gloves and shoes, zara wallet)

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  1. Katherine says:

    Aaaamanzing! Perfect autumn look I think 🙂

  2. Justyna says:

    gorgeous! love it! especially the boots! how lovely!

  3. C says:

    You look very Lady of the manor! I first thought the coat and fur stole was one outfit, you’ve pulled them together wonderfully. But my favourite are the leather gloves, I shall be on the hunt for a pair!

  4. Very nice coat, it fits perfectly with the boots.
    Lovely blog.

  5. płaszcz wygląda przepięknie z tą etolą <3

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