last night after the woman’s show i headed straight to the studio to do a creative with jason. this time we assembled quite the impressive team, we had jennie from holt renfrew come and style for us and alicja wilkosz do the makeup, as usual alicja pulled through with some impressive smokey eye action! (uhhh THE hardest thing to do in my opinion, how not to make oneself look like a freakin’ raccoon) jennie was new to all of us so we didn’t know what to expect but she sure delivered, she pulled amazing looks from the holt closet, furs, leathers, mcqueen, wang and helmut lang. it feels so good to put on something expensive and pretend it’s yours for a couple of minutes. that alone makes the job worthwhile. she also planted the seed of a new purchase in my head (shh! i won’t let out the secret yet). it was one of the funnest shoots i’ve done in a while, having everyone stick around for the shoot created good energy and really maintained a great flow. i am excited to see the final product. it’ll definitely be different from what we have been doing lately. on the way home we spotted some deer in the middle of the industrial park. it was a weird sighting. but here they are in all their glory. <3

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! The skoky eye is great!


  2. wow. unforgettable smoky eye.. so sexy!

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