what: the calgary woman’s show when: october 23&24th where: the roundup center
i spent this weekend working at the woman’s show on the stampede grounds. it’s always nice to come back to where everything started. it was during the stampede not the woman’s show, but since we are no longer entertaining during the summer months now is all i have. it’s always great to catch up with all the models and friends, this year we were greatly surprised when arianna joined us (second photo from the top). many of us have not seen her in years and she is always ready to make things interesting, she is THE best story teller i know. apart from always being professional, it’s really just like spending time with family, i would never consider it work. i asked my dad to come down and take some photos… well there is only so much you can expect when you ask someone else to do your job, but i can’t be two places at once and i have never seen photos from the woman’s show anywhere, so voila! here we are. the clothes, are at times questionable and the lighting kind of makes us look like we are telling camping stories, but hey, as long as the audience enjoys it then we’ve done our job and somehow i think they always do (especially during the last show when i tripped over my own feet while opening the show ha! oops!), it is always a success. i left for the weekend with a bag full of cat food samples and flyers-they always stock you up nicely on all things you could possibly want but never knew you did, in fact it takes quite the will power to walk through all the booths and not drop a couple hundred dollars, especially, i find, as you’re getting older. yikes!

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