yesterdays’ trip to h&m proved to be a big disappointment, apart from a couple of accessories and this top i did not find anything i liked. i am trying not to obsess over this one polka dot dress i saw at the h&m in valencia but it’s quite hard when it follows me wherever i go. urgh it is so frustrating. i saw it, had it in my hand and contemplated it, then i decided i already spent enough money and i couldn’t justify buying it. things of course, always work to my disadvantage, now i see it everywhere i go, and of course our h&m’s don’t have it. 3 h&m’s and not a single one of them carries the trend line. no words. anyways the accompanying outfit it just ok. i’ve been trying to get rid of that skirt forever but i can’t say goodbye until i don’t find a replacement and so far nothing lives up to my expectations, which is that it should be exactly the same but made with different fabric. i’m also trying not to get in any more shit at work for dressing so i’m keeping a low profile. but it’s the weekend now and i will celebrate 1st thing tomorrow by taking photos of something spectacular (maybe… hopefully… i have a busy weekend this weekend, but i’ll try not to disappoint). mural by the kid belo. xoxo

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  1. Justyna says:

    totally amazing dress!

  2. Ania B says:

    it’s a skirt and a top 🙂

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