there is a new application on facebook that helps you find your fashion style (in case you are unaware what it is), the fact that there is yet another quiz on facebook would go unnoticed by me except for the fact that the illustrations were done by what’s her name from i have been following her blog for a bit and i am in love with her cute little illustrations. according to the quiz i am a femme fatal but also a city girl and arty. hmmm. ok so such inaccurate results, i am femme fatal maybe 2% of the time. I think the key was in the choice of handbag, shoes and perfume. why a woman can not be a complex being and be able to embrace any style she feels like at the moment is beyond me but i guess these things are just for fun… unless of course you should run out to the store immediately to stock up on certain items because the internet told you so, then there is a problem somewhere deeper, i don’t want to get into that (because i think i have it) but even the internet can not make me go into bebe ever again.

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