i thought i would give the infamous collage a try. here it is in all its glory and indulgence. the items i’ve been drooling over today: 1. asos double collar button front blouse 2. asos mid lenght knitted dress 3. zara wide heeled pointed court shoes (still awaiting them in calgary) 4. zara double sided fur coat (the faux fur obsession continues, i bought this coat yesterday and am anxiousely waiting to wear it, rob’s lack of commitment to my projects is also enabling me to take photos of it) 5. topshop gem covered knicker shorts 6. topshop 80 denier khaki tights. I saw a similar pair of tights at zara yesterday, the color was different, more of a brown/beige, but i can’t stop thinking about the ways black dresses could potentially look with this color. now since i got myself all excited i think i’m going to go and pick them up.

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  1. Justyna says:

    love those shoes…. been looking for a heel like that….



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