first images for the lanvin collaboration with h&m hit the web today and they already unleashed quite the following. people are freaking out. i am sure that the collection will be beautiful and every piece highly desirable (can i also mention how we will most likely not be getting it in calgary! #%^*&!!)… but i can’t even tell a single detail from this photo, i see a whole lot of black clohtes (which sure excites me) but that’s it, personally i can’t be excited for something once i’ve seen it and touched it and can imagine/dream of myself wearing it, if i can’t tell what i’m looking at it’s hard to imagine what it will look like on me. that’s my 5 cents. anyways lanvin for h&m round 2 wooo!

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  1. Justyna says:

    too amazing. but there’s no h&m in ottawa…. sigh….

  2. Ania B says:

    what?! omg i can’t belive this, no h&m in ottawa? i thought it couldn’t get worse then here. my condolences Justyna

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