first of all i suck at editing photos, and with robs’ terrible picture taking skills whenever i see anything remotely sharp i get stuck on it, PLUS the last photo kind of makes me look tough (also confused depending on what angle your looking from, from mine, it’s definitely tough). so these are the shorts i, in such a brief passing talked about before (if this blog was a conversation, which is sort of is, this would have been mentioned in passing). after wearing them in the freezing saturday morning, not venturing out too far, and, therefore into a dumpy alley of a neighboring street, realizing that we do not indeed live in california (what a shame that is) i think i’m going to ditch the shorts for a more practical piece of clothing. practical will be hard to find at bebe (ahem!) but i was eyeing a beige button up shirt there the day i so rebelliously picked the studs over comfort. it is also a size large, and even at large it still clings to my body like a second skin, regardless, i know, because of the insulting ‘l’ on the tag it will be there tomorrow. (bebe shorts, zara motorcycle boots, wilfred top, zara leather jacket). photos by rb.

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  1. Justyna says:

    i just adore your shorts…. well done…

  2. Louella says:

    love your outfit, great shorts x

  3. PaolinaBM says:

    love this studded shorts! So cool! Following you! Follow back if you wish! Very nice blog!

  4. Anonymous says:

    FUGOY says: vote for Nanshi!

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