it snowed all morning today. from where i was sitting, we had a mini snow storm, the difference being that the snow melted the minute it hit the ground. ok, so i can embrace this, the light is flat, the weather is unusual, maybe we can even get some of that falling snow in a photo. so we make plans, rob comes before work so we can test this out. our plan is foiled as fast as it is created in our master minds. the ‘proverbial’ 5 minutes passes and the damn sun comes out. so the jacket comes off and all of a sudden  it’s summer again, maybe that’s an exaggeration since it was cold, so maybe a solid fall day. i was not happy but the show must go on. it gets better, i get studded shorts. i won’t say from where because it’s embarrassing but i had no choice i had that stupid gift card so i had to get something. i will post tomorrow. also still waiting for my feathered hats from topshop (zara hat, bcbg crew neck sweater, american apparel sexuali tank-needing serious replacement, zara leggings, topshop shoes, h&m fringe bag)

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  1. i love love love this outfit

  2. SoniaResh says:

    I’m new to your blog, basically just discovered it and I loooove it! Keep it up, girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a bag! is is still available at h&m?

  4. Ania B says:

    i’m not too sure, i got it in september, but i am positive it was part of the fall collection. it’s really fun

  5. o says:

    Oh my, those boots rock..!

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