the zara faux fur jacket may make me look like a bear (according to some members of my family) but i love it and it makes me warm. at 7:30 am i had to be standing in front of work because rob’s job interview was at 9, make sense out of that, because i can not. i wore my favorite black today, i have not worn all black in a long time and it reminded me how much i missed it, no matter what, black somehow always works in your favor. <3 it. excluding my super high aldo wedges (which i have been hunting for since what feels like the beginning of time, with asos having the leather, aka better version of them-sold out, i couldn’t get them off my mind until i finally spotted them) and my h&m fringe bag i’m head to toe zara (with a bun!). during my lunch break people on the street stared at me like i was some kind of a [high class] prostitute. a perfect day, apart from being up so early. 

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  1. Justyna says:

    don’t you look stunning first thing in the morning!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, where is the muffin????

  3. I like your look! LOvely shots and post…

  4. I have those shoes too. Love them so much.

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