we finally got to see the production of cirque du soleils’ ‘kooza’ that was set up in a circus tent on the stampede grounds. i have not been to a circus tent since i was a little girl and even though this is not a real circus it was nice to watch the show outside. initially, rob had no desire to go when i mentioned it to him just under a month ago, somehow, i guess he got word from his friends what a good show it was and at the last minute he decided he wanted to join me and johnny. urgh! frustrating. not to mention the fact that afterwards he totally loved it and will probably end up going to any cirque show that rolls through town. urgh! frustrating… again! boys! the show was amazing. full of energy and colors. my favorite part will be the silver sequin tuxedo jacket worn by one of the performers (yea i liked the acrobats and the clowns as well). we were not allowed to take photos inside the tent so of course we took photos of everything else. i have yet to master taking photos at night sans flash and blur. i will also need more patient company. for those who are wondering, ‘kooza’ is sanskrit for ‘treasure’ or ‘box’, which is the more common one i’m not sure, but it does make sense as the whole show starts off with the main character jumping out of a box and unleashing the magic that entertained us for the rest of the night. the show was about 3 hours long, including a 30 minute intermission, but not a single moment goes by when you are not mesmerized or gasping in fear for the safety of some of the performers. if you have time and extra cash to dish out, the show goes on until october 24th. and just like johnny explained it to us on the way back to the car, the $200 i spent on us that night was well worth every penny.

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  1. Johnny is so adorable! the last picture is priceless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks A for taking the boy! Looks like you matched as well in b+w striped tops!

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